English Geodiversity Forum

The English Geodiversity Forum is a collective voice for England’s geodiversity and is open to all. Everyone can help contribute to its goals.

cliffs 1Geodiversity is the variety of rocks, fossils, minerals, soils, landforms and natural processes. Geodiversity directly influences and shapes our natural environment, our landscape and both where, and how, we live.

Geodiversity is an important, yet often overlooked, environmental asset. For this reason the English Geodiversity Forum was established to raise the profile of,and support for, England’s geodiversity.

It aims to achieve this through:

  • Encouraging ‘action’ for geodiversity through the Geodiversity Charter for England
  • Promoting and sharing good geoconservation practice
  • Raising awareness and understanding of geodiversity
  • Advocating policy inclusion of geodiversity at all levels.

white cliffs

England is among the most geodiverse places in the world.

It reveals a 700 million year history of mountain building, volcanoes, changing environments and climate and evolving life. Our contrasting landscapes, from coast to mountain, both reflect this dynamic past and continue to be shaped today. England’s geodiversity influences all aspects of our lives. It is a resource sustaining the nation’s wealth and health. It drives natural processes, supporting habitats and underpinning biodiversity. It provides a ‘sense of place’ connecting with our history, culture and enjoyment of the landscapes around us.

The Geodiversity Charter for England provides a vision where…

“Geodiversity is recognised as an integral and vital part of our environment, economy and heritage that must be safeguarded and managed for current and future generations”

Published by the English Geodiversity Forum, this Charter sets out how we can all work towards this vision and the contribution that all sectors of society can make.

Case Studies
Managing responsible collecting: case studies can be viewed here

Following the publication of the 3rd and final report of the Natural Capital Committee, The State of Natural Capital, members of the English Geodiversity Forum produced two case studies relating to geodiversity similar to those in the report. These have been sent to Defra and members of the Natural Capital Committee.

Natural Capital  is a useful tool for demonstrating the importance of geodiversity and is increasingly used by other disciplines to show worth. We hope that others will be able to use this as guidance. 

Click here to download the case study.

Contact Details
The EGF Chair, Lesley Dunlop, can be emailed on: